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The opening sequence from Episode 1 of Book 4, "After All These Years". (High quality video)

IGN also provides a synopsis for the season:

"In Book Three, Avatar Korra had to save the world and endured her most intense battle yet. Now broken and bruised, she begins a journey of self-discovery and survival in a new world where the strong Prey Upon the weak. When an aggressive military force rises up led by the power hungry Kuvira, the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance and only the Avatar can set things right."

book 4

that was her plan all along!

to get Zaheer jailed: AGAIN. and the rest killed so she would be the leader and of the Red Lotus.

it all adds up now. She was spying on the Metal Clan so she knew their strengths and weaknesses so she would be able to attack and the Metal Clan don’t know what she is really capable of as she was only using half her strength along!!!

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